A downloadable game for Windows and Android

This is a sandbox demo for the VR Interaction Framework developed for Unity3D. It is built with the Oculus Quest in mind, but will work with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive as well. Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) support is on the way.

This demo scene is included in the asset package.

Purchase the Unity asset here.

Current features include :

  1. Physical Grabbing and Throwing of objects
  2. Buttons, Levers, Sliders, Drawers, Joysticks, and other physically activated objects
  3. Two-Handed Climbing
  4. Bow and Arrow Physics (Arrows can be picked up and reshot)
  5. Gun loading / charging. Can insert and remove the clip from a pistol.
  6. Hand Jet (like a jetpack, but in your hands!)
  7. Grappling Hook mechanic
  8. Slow time
  9. IK Arms and Body
  10. (Very) Basic Hand Tracking support
  11. Snap Zones
  12. Two-Handed Weapons
  13. Lots more!

Controls :

  • Hold X to slow down time
  • Click down the Left Thumb Stick to toggle between Teleport and Smooth Locomotion
  • Hold Left Stick in a direction and release to Teleport
  • Click down the Right Thumb Stick to toggle between hand models
  • You can pick up most items with the Grip key
  • You can grab an arrow from the bow using the trigger button near the middle of the string. You can also grab arrows off of the table, and reuse any after they have been shot
  • The demo pistols must be manually reloaded. Insert a clip into the pistol and chamber a round in by pulling back the slide. You can also use the controller buttons to eject clips and release the slide instead of manually grabbing them.

More features to come soon! Please let me know if you come across any bugs or would like to see anything in the next update.

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VR Interaction Framework.zip 58 MB
vrif.apk 46 MB


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Hey would you be interested in a tester to seek out all bugs and there is only one thing I would want and it is not money it is this unity package

Looks promising this!! Would it be possible to add open and close draws, open and close doors please?. Trigger area maybe so a sound etc plays? Quiz system for VR would be cool 

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I'm working on drawers and doors at the moment :)

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Brilliant, will purchase when that released then ;-) We will be using it for higher education so im trying to build out scenario type builds.

If anybody has an HTC Vive, or Windows Mixed  Reality Headset, please message me as I could use a bit of help testing this on those devices. Thanks!

I have a HTC Vive

Hey bud, I use Windows Mixed Reality headset: Lenovo Explorer, and would love to assist!

HTC Vive with additional Index controllers. Tried the current demo and it's non-functional. It renders to HMD and motion is tracked and I can switch hand models... but that's it. I'll be a tester if you need one, but in return, I'd want a voucher for the asset store copy. Asset looks promising regardless.

Thanks for letting me know! Valve is working on adding OpenVR support for the knuckles, so hopefully should be able to add support for that real soon!

If you ever need a tester for this or anything else, you can reach me at syrsly@syrsly.com pretty quickly. Good luck with the update.

This looks really sick! I'd love to see these physics implemented into a full Quest game!

very nice work, I installed last night,, works great, I see two bugs,

1.  facing robot, turn my head, the robot not turn head, but turn both arms,

2, back facing robot, waving arms, turn head look at robot, sometime the robot's arms  are stuck inside the body. 

nice to have a reset button on the table.

I can help testing too, I can test using different version unity,  god knows how many different versions I got installed. 

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback - very helpful! And I agree a reset button would be useful.  I will add that to the list.

And also just fyi, I setup a forum post here : https://forum.unity.com/threads/released-vr-interaction-framework-for-oculus-quest.817614/

I think that would be a good spot to post asset updates, answer questions, post code snippets, and things like that. I'll post that link on the asset page for easy  access.

This is great! Are you using Oculus Integration for this? If so - which version? What's the latest Unity version that this will work on?

hi there! Yes, this uses Oculus Integration. The Grabbing / Grabbable mechanic is a custom solution, but the Oculus SDK is used for things like playspace tracking, camera movement, hand tracking and things like that. I've tested this on Unity 2018 and 2019 and all works fine there. 

The only thing you may need to do is upgrade the included the materials if you're using the LWRP . Otherwise some of the textures will be bright pink.

hey! let me know if you need a beta tester fo the framework

Definitely! I'll be uploading a new build soon, and hoping to get on asset store asap. I welcome the assistance! I'm definitely looking to keep extending this and have some interesting features in the works.