Dev Update 1.2

Big update out today! There have been significant updates to Super Voxel World, with a focus on performance, bug fixes, AI improvements, and weapons. Thank you to everyone who as commented or sent feedback - I am listening and really appreciate all of the support.

There are too many changes to list here, but here the big changes :

Features :

  1. New weapons (12 in total) including Axe, Bow, Pistol, Sawed Off shotgun, Rifle, Assault Rifle, Lever Action Rifle, and more
  2. New Showcase Worlds! 8 in total. Check out NPC's battling it out, the new weapons on the shooting range, or just hang out and listen to music in ChillSpot. 
  3. New objects that respond to damage including explosive barrels, gas tanks, dynamite and practice target.
  4. Added Wave Spawner item for Survival and Tower Defense Games. Set amount of waves, and enemy types / amounts per wave. Check out the new "Zombie Fields" Showcase level for an example on how to use these to create a survival type game.
  5. Added AI Healthbars
  6. AI pathing update - better object avoidance and vision checks
  7. New Mage  NPC that shoots explosive fireballs
  8. New bow and arrow model for archer
  9. Adjusted hitboxes and damage modifiers on NPC's. Arrows now sticky.
  10. Ragdolls now stick to spikes
  11. New dynamic grass. Bends under the player's and npc's feet.
  12. Dynamic crosshair on weapons 
  13. Mute background music button on homescreen button
  14. New Biome "Grass Ridge" - Easier to traverse than the mountain biome, but with some elevation changes for diversity
  15. New Biome selector with thumbnails

Fixes :

  1. Fixed "Pinky" enemy collision boxes.
  2. Fixed issue where Jetpack would drain too fast / recharge too slow
  3. Player should no longer stick to walls, making jumping while pressed up against a wall easier
  4. Minecart camera should no longer stutter less at high speeds
  5. Lots of weapon and AI fixes

Known Issues :

  1. Multiplayer weapon and AI not currently synching.  Currently in re-write due to ragdoll implementation and addition of projectile objects. This will be the primary focus of the next update.
  2. The realistic ocean shader was giving me some trouble in my latest builds, so I've swapped in a low poly shader for now. I like this new look, so will most likely allow players to choose between the two, similar to how you can choose skies.

Enjoy! Updates should be much more frequent now that the networking foundations are in place. Leave a comment below if you like this update or have any feedback!

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