Dev Update 1.8 - NPC Waypoints

  • Features / Additions :
  • You can now set Waypoints on NPC's. The Enemy Settings window now has a "Set Waypoint" / "Clear Waypoint" button. NPC's will follow connected waypoints until none are found; from there it will wander around the area. An NPC will only attack another enemy / player if it is closer than the next Waypoint. This can be useful information if you're creating a Tower Defense type game.
  • New Worlds created with the Low Poly Terrain will have the Ocean and  "Stylish" Skybox enabled by default. You can of course change this from the World Settings menu (Tab key).

Miscellaneous :

  • More Enemy pathfinding and features have been refactored / simplified. This paves the way for more modular NPC's. Expect Acid Spitting zombies, Huge enemies with buffed armor, and faster enemies that can sprint.

Bugs :

  • Fixed an issue where clients couldn't connect to legacy terrain multplayer worlds.
  • Dragon no longer falls through terrain when you are very far away
  • Fixed an issue where a gunfire sound would play on melee impact. 

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