Dev Update 1.7 - New Terrain, Uploadable Worlds, and Dragons!

There's a lot to cover here, so let's just jump straight to the list, shall we?

Features / Additions :

    • New Low Poly Terrain - There is now an option to use a low poly terrain when you create a new world. The terrain  features a nice flat area in the middle, surrounded by a lake, surrounded by randomly generated mountains. It's a nice option to have if you want really large worlds. You can still place voxels on the terain, and most items aren't restricted to a grid when you're placing them on this new terrain.
    • Horses, Deer, and Dragons! What better way to explore this new terrain system than to hop on a dragon and fly around? The mounts are mainly meant for transportation, but I can certainly envision mounted combat and fire breathing dragons in the distant future. 
    • Balanced Turrets - The FPS Tower Defense Showcase World has been updated, and turrets / towers continue to be balanced for value / damage. I find the turrets to be quite fun and plan on spending more time polishing these features.
    • Community Uploads - You can now upload your worlds for others to play and modify. Just select your world, click "Upload" and fill in a couple of details. Easy peezy.
    • Community Downloads - Of course, what good are uploads without downloads? More importantly, the download area now shows thumbnails of user uploaded worlds.
    • New FPS Tower Defense level. The last one was pretty sparse. This new level has 10 round of increasingly difficult enemies, a spooky night time theme, and even some groovy new music.
    • Red / Blue Team Spawners - You can now place Red / Blue team flags that players of that faction will spawn to. This is meant to be used for Team Deathmatch type games, but can also be used to create random spawnpoints for the player. The flag is hidden in Play Mode to discourage spawn camping.

    Did I mention you can fly a dragon? Try it out! Just get close to it and press 'E'. Hold space to jump / fly, 'Q' to do a barrel roll, and 'T' to switch between 1st and 3rd person. 

    Have fun, and don't forget to leave a comment or chat with us on Discord.

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