Dev Update 1.6 - AI and Multiplayer Update

This update focuses on multiplayer and AI / NPC handling. AI Bots are now fully networked and will attack any player that does not belong to their faction. The Tower Defense mode has been networked as well, so defending you base against waves of enemies can now be done with friends.

Here are the changes :

Features / Additions :

  • AI now fully networked - Attacks, Animations, Ragdolls, etc
  • Bow and Arrow projectiles and animations are now networked. 
  • Added a few jump blocks to the "Platformer" showcase. Players were having trouble with the spinning spikes section, so this should help a bit. Plus, who doesn't like jump blocks?
  • Performance update on player physics. Should now be less lag while jumping or falling from great heights, and general performance increase for physics objects like motors, servos, and moving platforms.
  • Added "puff" animation when remote player leaves the world
  • The offscreen indicators now only show for players of the same faction
  • Ranged enemies now account for distance in their aim
  • Added VSync Option in Menu Options

Bugs / Fixes

  • Fixed bug where player couldn't rejoin multiplayer game if they were previously disconnected
  • Lowered the top speed of the Minecart / rollercoaster a bit. It was getting a little crazy at those speeds..
  • AI now targets remote (non-host) players

Things are coming along quickly, and I'm looking forward to a future, full release. Don't forget to leave a comment on the game page!

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