Dev Update 1.5

Update 1.5 Focuses on setting up the Tutorial World. This Showcase world is meant to teach you the basics of building and playing. The actual tutorial part is pretty short, but you are free to explore the various features such as electrical Devices, Jump Blocks, Weapons, Minecarts / Tracks, Zombies and NPC's, The TV, Moving Platforms... There's a lot, so just check it out!

Without further adieu, here are the update notes :

Features / Additions :

  • New Showcase World : Tutorial. There is a brief prompted tutorial with various blocks / items spread throughout. This will be updated continuously, so if you modify this world make sure you copy it over to your worlds directory so it doesn't get overwritten next update.
  • Screenshot Thumbnails now appear in "My Worlds". Whenever you save your world in Edit Mode, a screenshot is saved in your Worlds folder. This image is used as a thumbnail when browsing your Worlds.

Fixes / Enhancements :

  • Wire Helpers (those little green dots when you have a wrench equipped) are now much more efficient on the CPU.
  • Terrain draw distance slightly increased
  • Sounds are now compressed, resulting in slightly better performance and memory overhead.

Regression :

  • Multithreading on Terrain Generation has been disabled for now due to a sporadic, but problematic bug with mesh creation. Preloading Chunks takes much longer now, but it is more reliable.

As always, please leave feedback in the comments section, or drop by Discord and let what you think!

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