Dev Update 1.4

This is a quick update that fixes a few issues and sets more groundwork for the Tower Defense mode.

Here are the changes :

Features / Additions :

  • Added New Showcase World (WIP) for turrets and defense system
  • Added new Laser Turret that deals continuous damage
  • Turrets upgrades are more expensive
  • NPC's now attack the Goal Crystal Shield if it is in range. Destroying the Goal prevents completing the World
  • Added new Minecart Showcase level. This is a Work in Progress

Bugs / Fixes

  • Fixed issue where cart would go crazy on enter
  • Enemies only give points for kills, not hits. 
  • Turret Range is now shown on inspect and when hovering over the tower. You can also hold 'Alt' to show all of the Turret's ranges
  • Can only clear waves if Goal Crystal is not destroyed. If there is no Goal Crystal placed in the World the Waves will continue.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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