Dev Update 1.3

This is update adds a few features to the upcoming Tower Defense feature set, and fixes a few bugs with the AI. Check out the new Turrets and NPC Spawner in-game to see how they work.


  1. The Goal Crystal can now be destroyed by enemies. Create a Tower Defense game using turrets, NPC Spawners, and a waypoints. 
  2. Can now set price, included ammo, and more on weapons
  3. Added Turret Base. Can be upgrade in Play Mode to Machine Gun, Electric Turret, or Laser. (WIP)
  4. Now need to press 'G' to start the first wave when using wave spawners,  instead of starting automatically. This gives the player some time to purchase weapons or upgrade turrets.
  5. NPC Spawners can now be connected to Waypoints. Useful for sending groups of enemies to a location, tower


  1. Fixed AI Pooling Issue where NPC's wouldn't always respawn properly
  2. Zombie no longer damage each other when attacking. This was fun to watch, but ultimately made tower defense too easy.
  3. Ragdolls don't slide around on the ground as much anymore
  4. NPC Spawner now has a max number of NPC's spawned at a given time. This number will increase as performance increases.


  1. Flat chunks no longer their colliders as meshes, but are instead flat box colliders
  2. Enemies now use a List of NPC's instead of physics check for range. This is much more performant and should allow quite a bit more NPC's. Raycasts are still used for vision.

A big thanks to all who have commented or provided feedback! Thank you for the support, and don't forget to leave a comment if you have any questions or thoughts. More to come soon!

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