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Mountains & Ridges:

An observation. The "mountains" setting produces lots of mountains (which is super cool). The "ridges" setting produces a pretty flat world but with ridges 3- 4 blocks high.

It seems like there is a huge gap in between "mountains" and "ridges" and that there should be a setting in between. (I suggest "hills") In the alternative, it would be super cool if the player could customize that setting with greater detail (like a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being flat and 10 being mountains).

Thanks for listening!

Are doors working yet? As I recall, I think you were planning on making it so they can be "hooked up" to require power, etc.  To clarify, doors ARE working, but I'm just asking about the connection part.

In the next update you will be able to connect doors to batteries, switches, etc. If there is no wire connection you can operate them normally. If there is a connection, then it will only open if there is power supplied to it. 

I've got a fix coming up for pistons as well. Should be soon!

Sorry, been out of town. But I posted a new version that fixes the piston and makes the door connectable to power / switches. Give it a shot!

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Sweet. Installing it now!

UPDATE: Hmmmm.... Looks like pistons are working. However, I cannot put a piston on a piston. For example, I am using pistons to move a huge wall of blocks. In SVW195 I can put a piston on a piston in order to move the wall 10 blocks. Just letting you know. Thanks!

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Ah, good find. Looks like the new scaling animations are causing problems. On the bright side I can just disable them for now and everything should work properly again. On to 1.9.9! :P

Awesome. Hopefully reporting these types of things is helpful rather than me just being a PITA. Thanks!!!

Piston Problem:

As I posted below, I am having a problem with the pistons block. After placing a block on one piston, you can no longer place any blocks on any other pistons. In other words, 1 working piston per game. I noticed this after downloading ver 1.9.7. The same problem occurs in ver 1.9.6.

However, the problem does NOT occur in ver 1.9.5.

So pistons stopped working in version 1.9.6. FYI.

Ah, thanks! I'll take a look and I'm sure I can get that patched up.

I am having, problems placing blocks on top of pistons for some reason. It seems like a new problem. But the blocks literally won't go on top of the piston block. Any ideas?

... and I have been able to put blocks on a piston a couple of times, but in those cases if I save and exit the blocks are gone when I return.

Is there any way to "connect" the train tracks to an electrical device? For example, you explained earlier about connecting a waypoint for tracks to the same waypoint as a moving platform. But what if, for example, I wanted doors to open when a train goes over a certain part of the track? Basically, something that would make the track act as a switch or pressure plate or something like that.

There is currently no way to connect train tracks to an electrical device. You can use devices like a switch while riding a train track, but you'd have to have the player manually flip it while riding. The other option would be to try placing a pressure plate near where the player might ride, but I don't think they would be over the pressure plate long enough to fully open a door. I'll have to think on that one. 

I do have plans for speed boosts and brake sections for the train tracks; maybe there could be like a switch type track that electrifies whatever it's connected to. A better option might be a laser "trip wire" type thing where whenever a player crosses it acts as a switch of sorts. Then you could just have that where the player will cross it, and I think that would cover your use case?

I have played around with the cockpit and thrusters and flying around, however...

I can't figure out how to use a cockpit with wheels to make a vehicle. The inventory says to attach wheels to a cockpit, but the cockpits are much too small.

Also, when I try to make a vehicle with cockpit and wheels it seems that the height is "1/2 off" in that the wheels will "sink" halfway into the blocks beneath thus barely move.

Another Question, so many questions...

Whenever I remove big chucks of "land blocks" (dirt, grass), the "grass" is left hanging in the area and I can't figure out how to delete it. Any ideas?

I did figure out that building a dirt block over the grass then destroying it removes the grass.

Ah, I'll update it so that if you remove a dirt block,it will also remove any grass that is directly above it.  

Also, just fyi (and you may have already noticed this), when you are placing a block you can hold down the left mouse button and then "extend" the blocks outwards to place more than one block at a time. Can save you time if you're placing many blocks at once. 

Oh yes. I figured that one out long ago. The ability to place multiple blocks at once (as well as destroy multiple blocks at once) is one of the best (and surprisingly unique) features of your game!

Question - I was watching your YouTube video about input code into the game. In my version of the game, when I hit "tab", I don't see an option for a code editor. Do I have an outdated version of the game? I am running 1.9.6 Alpha.

I re-added the in-game code editor in this latest update (version 1.9.7). The button to open it is under World Settings -> "Open Code Editor". 

Exporting a mod through Unity3d is going to be more reliable and run faster, but writing JavaScript in-game is still novel and fun. I'll continue supporting the in-game editor if there continues to be interest in it. 

Awesome! So much fun.

The  game is loading  really long in my 4gb lappy. Can't I run it?

You should be able to at least run it, though at 4gb some levels will probably be a bit laggy, especially if there are lots of NPC's.  Are you offline or online when you're loading? And feel free to hop on Discord if you need help. People are usually on and eager to help out.

Yeah I am connected but it's blocking apps like steam so I am not sure if that's a problem. Thanks for the fast reply. I'll try again this night. I loved how this project is still going on in contrast to other discontinued games that have potential. I'll make sure to inform you again.

Is there any way to place blocks so that they are "waterproof?" For example, if I built a room with walls that are "sealed" and then raise the water level, the room will "flood" with water. Is there any way to place blocks so that does not happen - basically so you could build "under water." Thanks!

There isn't currently a way to seal off blocks or rooms, unfortunately. That does sound interesting, though. I'll have to see how other games handle this and see if I can come up with a way. It probably wouldn't be that difficult to seal them from the top, but I'm not sure how I would handle if you were to open a door or window. That could get tricky. 

I will be adding a bit of physics to when you're underwater, and maybe a ship block / buoyancy block in a future update (similar to how the cockpit works for land / air vehicles). But that's all I've really got planned for water stuff so far. 

Bahh. I was actually just playing around with a moving platform making it look like a boat.

In this genre of games, I typically have seen water handled in one of two ways. One is that it acts like any other  block. For example, if you were to dig a "tunnel" through the water, the blocks would stay in place.

The only other method I can think of is a game like Block Fortress for IOS. If you "break" the last block holding the water back then all the water "fills" in - a static sea level.

Anyway, way over my pay grade. Glad to see your interest is piqued though!

Is there a trick to attaching power blocks? For example, I placed a power block, attached other blocks to it and all the blocks moved together. But when I had to replace the power block, I could no longer get it to "attach" to the other blocks. The potential problem is when these "other blocks" might be a more elaborate structure. Is there any way to attach a power block to blocks placed previously? Thx.

How are you moving the blocks? Are you using a moving platform, cockpit, or just placing them on the ground?  

Was that you in the YouTube videos? This game continues to blow me away. Question about spawn points. There is the "round" spawn point and I see that you can customize the settings for each (awesome). But what do the red/blue spawn "flags" do?

There are 3 spawn point items - the checkered flag, a red flag, and a blue flag. The checkered flags act like  general checkpoints : if you run by one in Play Mode it will activate, and you will respawn there if you die. You can also you hold the 'K' button to teleport to the last one you touched. This is covered in the tutorial, which isn't quite live yet.

The red and blue flags work similarly, but only work for their respective faction. This is mostly useful for versus type games where you want the red team to spawn somewhere away from the blue team. So for example, you could have a tower defense game where it's red vs. blue. You would use the red and blue spawn flags to set your base locations, and then you can set the goal and wave spawner factions as well to make sure your team attacks the other side / doesn't attack you. 

Sorry for all the questions. Needless to say, I'm having a blast with this game.

How does the door work? Specifically, I know it can open and close by pressing "E". However, it allows a connection for electricity. I connected it to a switch, but nothing happened when I toggled the switch. Just curious. Thanks!

Questions are good! Ask away. As for the door, I believe that hasn't been hooked up yet. The idea is that if you have it wired to something  then it will only open if it is powered. I'll add that to my list. Good catch.

Still loving this game. Quick question...

How do I get train tracks to work? There are "green balls" in the front and "red balls" in the rear of each track. I press "E" on each green ball and then click the rear connector in front of it and the tracks connect. However, when I "ride" the train, it will not go to the next track. The train only moves on 1 track.

I see the option to connect the front to a waypoint, but that disconnects the tracks so I assume that is done at the end of an entire track.


You can connect the train tracks to waypoints and then move those around to create your track. Waypoints are these green spheres that only appear in  Edit mode. You can use them to create paths for NPC's, Moving Platforms, Wave Spawners, and in this case extend train tracks. 

So put down your train track and connect the green ball in the front to a new waypoint you set down somewhere in front of it. Then connect as many waypoints as you'd like from there and youll see the track update . When're done, connect the last one to the red ball to complete the loop. When you want to ride just look at the track and hit 'e'. 

Hopefully that makes sense. If not I can post a screenshot.  Thanks for the feedback. I'll be sure to include more about the tracks in a tutorial!


Awesome! Thank you. I got the train running!

Of course, after reading your reply, I have to ask about the moving platforms. In edit mode, I plopped one down and then connected it to a waypoint. The platform moved to the new location. But that's all it did. When I switched to play mode, the platform didn't do anything.

Would you mind explaining platforms as well?


Sure! You can attach blocks to the moving platform object, and the moving platform will move along any connected waypoints. You usually would want a minimum of two unless you're making a one-way trip. So for example, you could place two waypoints down (we'll call them 1 and 2) and connect Waypoint 1 to Waypoint 2, then have 2 connect back to 1 to create an infinite loop. This way your platform will keep going back and forth between these two waypoints.

You can change the speed and give it a delay time, or even make it "require power". So let's say you wanted to create a secret wall that slides up if you step on a pressure plate. You would connect a battery to a pressure plate, and then the pressure plate to the moving platform. Now whenever someone steps on the pressure plate it will power the moving platform allowing it to move towards the waypoint :

If you wanted to take this a step further, you could attach a separate waypoint to your moving platform, and then have your train track use that as part of it's track..

And now your train tracks will move up when someone steps on the plate. You could use this with motors, pistons, switches, etc - the possibilities are endless! 

My God man! This is fabulous.

Fantastic game.  How do checkpoints work? I started a game, saved, exited and when I restarted the game I couldn't find where I was. I see a checkpoint flag, but how do you use it? Can there be multiple checkpoints? Thanks!!!

Hi there! Yes, you can set down multiple checkpoints in Edit Mode. You may also set one as your starting point (it turns blue). When you're in Play mode you can then teleport to the last checkpoint you've reached by holding 'k' or by clicking the respawn button from the menu.

The Platformer showcase world is a pretty good example of how this works. Just switch to Edit Mode and take a look at how they are positioned.  And if you're making a side perspective game there is another showcase deals with moving the camera around using the "2d" pickup. 

Have fun! Next update adds a bunch of new blocks / shapes, thrusters , and a cockpit so you can build flying contraptions. Not sure when it will be out yet, but stay tuned :)

there is another best thing that can make a new minigame

can you do like DOTA 2 minigame it will be amazing or Battlefield 100% amazing :)

this games looks really fun iam installing it right now

Have fun! I've been working more on marketing stuff lately, but I expect to get back to more gameplay updates real soon!

Can you add the steam workshop to the steam release? I personally think that people could make amazing things with it. Maps, Guns, Npcs, Modes' etc. 

Steam workshop integration is in the works! For the initial Steam release this will mostly be limited to maps, but modding  is a main priority and the Workshop seems like a nice option alongside the in-game sharing. Thanks for the comment!

Thanks for the reply.

played 3 hours yesterday with a friend :)

the game is a great alternative to project spark imho i just love how we can create a world togheter while i can mess with javascript and create a 3d platformer he makes a 2d platformer in the same  world its amazing. Only 1 thing happend wich holds me back from playing this game even more. players can just join our world and grief anything so we have to fix the damage they have done. Luckily the only thing the other player changed was ocean height and skybox. My suggestion is to be able to invite your friends to edit mode but other can only play.

Thanks for the feedback wabsol! The Steam version will allow you to only accept people from your friends list.

But for the version I will add a button so that you can kick / ban players once they've entered your world. That should help.

thanks for the quick response :)

so i have been messing around with the scripting a bit.

is there a list of object names? because i cant figure out how to acces a playerobject or rock and add variables to it

i basicly want to make a player variable that counts how much a rock has been clicked.

Cool! Each object has a name and an id. So if you placed a "Rock" object down, that object would be "Rock 1". The next one you place is "Rock 2", etc. 

However, the code editor and JavaScript system is getting a pretty substantial overhaul, so I'd hold off on the JS stuff until I get the docs tidy. I typically post on the Discord channel about the more advanced stuff like the Code Editor, if you'd like to keep up to date.

 But to answer your question, in the future you'll be able to do stuff like this :

var rock = GameObject.Find("Rock 1");
// Launch Rock Into the Air
rock.AddForce(0, 1000, 0);

For Events (like OnClick, as you mentioned), you'd do something like this :

// Global Callback
function OnClick(obj) {
  if( == "Rock 1") { // Launch Rock Into the Air obj.AddForce(0, 1000, 0); } }

Allright :D thanks for letting me know. I joined the discord server.

Did you guys also create some gta-style game? the models seem almost the same, and I cant remember the name of it.

I'm the only developer and this is my first game :)

It was broke protocol and no he didn't create them but yes the models are the same.

some of the human models are a popular unity template for blocky characters. not saying this game is unoriginal or anything (IT LOOKS AMAZING). this will probaby make for one of the most popular releases yet.

Thanks for the comment, WashYourEyesTwice. I've been thinking about replacing the models with something a little less blocky / ubiquitous. The blocky models works great with the voxel aesthetic, but since these models are becoming quite common I can see some people thinking it's an asset flip or some other game. Maybe I'll release it with the current models and then once it leaves early access upgrade them a bit. We shall see!

yes, we shall.

I agree with mr grimdawn. WE. WAN'T. CUSTOM QUESTS. (I posted this as an entire new comment just because i was worried you wouldn't read it because you ha'd to scroll down more on the comments you already read)

I've been thinking about a quest creator for a while, but I haven't come up with an easy way to let players create their own. I may just start with basic objectives (kill # enemies, collect # coins, reach x location, etc), and then see where we can go from there.

Guess you could just do that.

Did you have anything in mind for how to create quests? Would you be ok with using JavaScript, or would you prefer an interface of some kind?

Deleted post

I believe an interface would be good. I'm imagining stuff like on the left side of your screen there would be something popping up with multiple tabs. Like defensive offensive and peaceful. Offensive would have stuff inside of it like kill 7 bla bla's and capture bla bla bla bla (With a capturable enemy flag that they could defend perhaps) Defensive would have stuff like defend your own flag or patrol this area for this amount of time. (You would have to stay in that area for a while and there could be scripted events happening like maybe an enemy coming from the side) Peaceful would be stuff like pick up jerry's bow and give it to him. Find the wizard. Or try to find the enemies flag. You could also do something like go to every spot in this area.

This game was sure a pleasure to play. Had alot of fun. Bet you will too if you watch. 

What engine and/or programming language is this wonderful game created in?


do u kno da wae

Show Me Da Wae

hmmm....... that's way i'm answering!

*Click click

While I was downloading the game, it stopped so I tried it again but same thing. Any help?

Have you tried using the app? That might help if your download is being interrupted.

1.I v noticed that  you cant set  patrol points for alout of the enemies in the game except for the pink cube thing.will that change?

2.d you planning on  setting multiply waypints  for npc/enemys so  that enemys can move further? 

3.the  tortoriel but have you ever thought of updating so it shows you alout of the mechanises and features in the game?

thanks for all the answers

1. Yes, you will be able to set patrol points for placeable NPC's in the next update (1.8). You can use the NPC Spawner (red skull icon) to connect to Waypoints as well. I'm also working on adding a zombie NPC that spits acid, a fast/sprinting zombie, and a giant zombie, to add variety. 

2. You can connect waypoints to other waypoints so enemies can move as far as you'd like. You can even have them loop back. So if you have 3 waypoints, you can connect 1 to 2, 2 to 3, then 3 back to 1. This is how you make a railroad track as well.

3. Not sure I quite understand the question. I am going to redo the tutorial completely, though. For example, there is an electrical system where you can use the wrench to connect batteries, switches, motors, etc. It's really cool and hasn't really been explained yet.

Thanks again! Your feedback pushes me to get out updates more quickly :)


this game has great  potential for a  people who like to make games couple of questions.

1.Do you plan on going to steam early access(when its in a polished enough state dont rush)since it could give you WAY more exposure? expansive are you planning it to be.Wil there be things like a in game enemy creator where you can mix and max different head,bodeys,arm weapons etc  from all the enemies  in the game?

3.Will there be things like  advanced settings like patrol points and selecting specific animations for  charters?

4.Will you be able to create custom quests?

Hi there  grimdawn122. Sorry for the late reply, I've been on out of town and just got this notification.

To answer your questions :

1. Yes, definitely! Getting it polished and bug free is my main priority. I would also like to have a better tutorial in place before releasing to Steam EA as well.

2. I plan on launching themed, free updates. For example, a water update might add ships, pirate characters, and island set pieces. An FPS update might add more weapons, game modes, and enemy types. 

For the enemies, you can currently change the model, weapons, and faction, but there are more immediate plans to customize behavior, dialogue, and things of that nature.

3. Absolutely. There are already waypoints in place (see the FPS Tower Defense showcase world for an example), but I'm not so sure about specific animations. The goal is to have each piece be pretty modular. For example, the waypoints can be used for NPC routes, but they can also be used to create railroad tracks, and moving platforms.

4. I've thought about custom quests quite a bit, and I think that feature is farther off.  I just can't think of a good way to allow for quests other than "Kill X enemies" or "Reach This Destination", which seems limiting. I may end up adding some sort of scripting system so that advanced users can mod the system to their liking. If you have any ideas for this I'm all ears!

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I'm on Discord and the community is pretty active there if you want to keep up to date.


This game has great potential!

Thank you!!

Thanks for the video, Spotman!

i vote to steam already on your game so that why i like this game


ok :)

thanks soo much infact you can subscribe to me on youtube if you want :)

hello developer i am glad to meet you i have an idea on the game so i decided to ask if you can give all the enimies and npcs better direction cus i wantthem to come up to me instantly like hello nieghbor

Hey there,

The next update will have much better pathfinding, and you can even place down a wave spawner to create waves of enemies that will attack the player.  This will be a pretty big update, just need to polish some of the multiplayer functionality before I release it here.

Thanks for the message!

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Hello Developer,
is in future possible to import own 3D Models (*.dae, *.obj or *.vox) like Characters, Buildings or Furniture?
Is the Game in future Singleplayer and Multiplayer or only Multiplayer with Account?

My english is poor, sorry ;-)

Thanks for youre Reply :-)

Hi RonDan,

I do not currently have any plans to support 3d model import, but that could change in the future. As long as the files aren't very large and can be realistically synchronized over the network for multiplayer, I don't see why not.

The game is currently single player and multiplayer with no account needed. The multiplayer is currently co-operative, but I am working on competitive modes as well that is two updates away. New update with bug fixes coming out shortly!

Thanks for your comment!

Thank you for your answer.
I search a Voxel Sandbox Game with *.vox (or *.obj, *.dae, *.qb) Support, sorry ;-)
Have a nice time, i follow your project an hope for this Feature in Future.

hey developer why they want to kill me when the blue team are killing than the red team want to kill me and the last one natural they want to kill me can you update some npc never kill the player

Hi there. I'll update it so that the neutral team won't attack the player unless attacked first. I'm working on a team mode where the player can select which team they are on (red vs blue), so the factions will be more applicable to the player. Should have an update out late this weekend, so keep an eye out!


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Good game, needs a little fixes but enjoying making stuff. Also it would be great if you can make a tutorial so we know how to game and what is there in it :P

Thanks for the feedback! I've already gotten started on the bugs you pointed out - very helpful! A tutorial sounds like a must at this point as well.

The second level is by far the most difficult, and is meant to play like a Flappy Birds homage. It does get a little bit more interesting after you make it through the pillars. It is very difficult and requires precise timing of the jetpack. It does feel good once you master it, though!

I've played it a lot, and make it look easy ;)

I am having a glitch where the jet pack recharges real slow. You can watch it in my video, it takes about 2 or 3 whole minutes for it to recharge. Would be helpful if you can get it to work. I'll play it a bit more and let you know if I can find out what is causing that glitch.

Developer update machine guns then i make many zombie vs me are attacking me its very cool like left 4 dead and update army those npc have guns too so everybody love your game

ok developer the game is really offline now thank you for making this offline love this game developer and please how to use guns?

Guns are currently experimental. They will be more refined during the zombies and tower defense update. Right now the priority is polishing up the platformer and adventure gameplay. For now you can place multiple NPC's (zombies, skeletons, etc.) and a pistol somewhere while in Edit mode. Then switch to Play mode (default is 'P' key) and you can now pick up any weapons and the NPC's will be active. I'll post a video on my youtube channel later on these new updates. Feel free to swing by the Discord channel, too.

hey i love this game it look like battle war like human vs zombie its so cool if they die they will spawn it very cool no need to spawn them just let them spawn it very cool i will share this with my friends and we play multiplayer and build together and fight together in zombie survival how cool is that did the multiplayer come?

hey can you upload sword and many guns and bow its really cool and update enemy npc with guns and friendly npc with guns so it look like battlefield and left 4 dead so that i will like to play your awsome gameplay update that i said i like this game

The NPC's have a bow or sword that can be equipped. You can also change their faction (Red, Blue, Neutral) and they will attack or defend each other accordingly. Zombies are their own faction (anything with brains ;)

Still refining the platformer mechanics, but fps updates will come soon!

am talking to my player i need my player can equip sword,more guns and bow

hello developer why my your game getting shutting down i dont know what happend when i playing in 25 minutes it will shutting down or turn off is this my computer getting turn of or your game getting turn off

Check out the new bow!


Is this a 32-bit gameplay because i want to download this game so cool!

Hey there Creeperkill09,

Yes, this build is 32-bit. It should work well on most systems. Have fun!

hi again please upload offline for this game because i like offline and i playing this game there was said update loads and am using offline and then am wainting i few hours its not open yet i please why this game have a load connection have updating stuff please put it out the loading connection i want to play for offline not online

Hi Creeperkiller09,

I just uploaded a new version that will skip the update check if no internet is found, so you can play completely offline. Download the new version and let me know if you come across any issues. Thanks!

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[fixed] The zip seems to be corrupted (second time I notice this today, might be an itch issue)

Hi there iwanPlays. I just tried on two different PC's and both worked ok on this end. I have an update that will be uploaded soon, but here is an alternative url you can try in the meantime :


We were having an issue with our CDN, the issue should be resolved now. Sorry about that!

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