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Thanks for the video, Spotman!

i vote to steam already on your game so that why i like this game


ok :)

thanks soo much infact you can subscribe to me on youtube if you want :)

hello developer i am glad to meet you i have an idea on the game so i decided to ask if you can give all the enimies and npcs better direction cus i wantthem to come up to me instantly like hello nieghbor

Hey there,

The next update will have much better pathfinding, and you can even place down a wave spawner to create waves of enemies that will attack the player.  This will be a pretty big update, just need to polish some of the multiplayer functionality before I release it here.

Thanks for the message!

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Hello Developer,
is in future possible to import own 3D Models (*.dae, *.obj or *.vox) like Characters, Buildings or Furniture?
Is the Game in future Singleplayer and Multiplayer or only Multiplayer with Account?

My english is poor, sorry ;-)

Thanks for youre Reply :-)

Hi RonDan,

I do not currently have any plans to support 3d model import, but that could change in the future. As long as the files aren't very large and can be realistically synchronized over the network for multiplayer, I don't see why not.

The game is currently single player and multiplayer with no account needed. The multiplayer is currently co-operative, but I am working on competitive modes as well that is two updates away. New update with bug fixes coming out shortly!

Thanks for your comment!

Thank you for your answer.
I search a Voxel Sandbox Game with *.vox (or *.obj, *.dae, *.qb) Support, sorry ;-)
Have a nice time, i follow your project an hope for this Feature in Future.

hey developer why they want to kill me when the blue team are killing than the red team want to kill me and the last one natural they want to kill me can you update some npc never kill the player

Hi there. I'll update it so that the neutral team won't attack the player unless attacked first. I'm working on a team mode where the player can select which team they are on (red vs blue), so the factions will be more applicable to the player. Should have an update out late this weekend, so keep an eye out!


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Good game, needs a little fixes but enjoying making stuff. Also it would be great if you can make a tutorial so we know how to game and what is there in it :P

Thanks for the feedback! I've already gotten started on the bugs you pointed out - very helpful! A tutorial sounds like a must at this point as well.

The second level is by far the most difficult, and is meant to play like a Flappy Birds homage. It does get a little bit more interesting after you make it through the pillars. It is very difficult and requires precise timing of the jetpack. It does feel good once you master it, though!

I've played it a lot, and make it look easy ;)

I am having a glitch where the jet pack recharges real slow. You can watch it in my video, it takes about 2 or 3 whole minutes for it to recharge. Would be helpful if you can get it to work. I'll play it a bit more and let you know if I can find out what is causing that glitch.

Developer update machine guns then i make many zombie vs me are attacking me its very cool like left 4 dead and update army those npc have guns too so everybody love your game

ok developer the game is really offline now thank you for making this offline love this game developer and please how to use guns?

Guns are currently experimental. They will be more refined during the zombies and tower defense update. Right now the priority is polishing up the platformer and adventure gameplay. For now you can place multiple NPC's (zombies, skeletons, etc.) and a pistol somewhere while in Edit mode. Then switch to Play mode (default is 'P' key) and you can now pick up any weapons and the NPC's will be active. I'll post a video on my youtube channel later on these new updates. Feel free to swing by the Discord channel, too.

hey i love this game it look like battle war like human vs zombie its so cool if they die they will spawn it very cool no need to spawn them just let them spawn it very cool i will share this with my friends and we play multiplayer and build together and fight together in zombie survival how cool is that did the multiplayer come?

hey can you upload sword and many guns and bow its really cool and update enemy npc with guns and friendly npc with guns so it look like battlefield and left 4 dead so that i will like to play your awsome gameplay update that i said i like this game

The NPC's have a bow or sword that can be equipped. You can also change their faction (Red, Blue, Neutral) and they will attack or defend each other accordingly. Zombies are their own faction (anything with brains ;)

Still refining the platformer mechanics, but fps updates will come soon!

am talking to my player i need my player can equip sword,more guns and bow

hello developer why my your game getting shutting down i dont know what happend when i playing in 25 minutes it will shutting down or turn off is this my computer getting turn of or your game getting turn off

Check out the new bow!


Is this a 32-bit gameplay because i want to download this game so cool!

Hey there Creeperkill09,

Yes, this build is 32-bit. It should work well on most systems. Have fun!

hi again please upload offline for this game because i like offline and i playing this game there was said update loads and am using offline and then am wainting i few hours its not open yet i please why this game have a load connection have updating stuff please put it out the loading connection i want to play for offline not online

Hi Creeperkiller09,

I just uploaded a new version that will skip the update check if no internet is found, so you can play completely offline. Download the new version and let me know if you come across any issues. Thanks!

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[fixed] The zip seems to be corrupted (second time I notice this today, might be an itch issue)

Hi there iwanPlays. I just tried on two different PC's and both worked ok on this end. I have an update that will be uploaded soon, but here is an alternative url you can try in the meantime :


We were having an issue with our CDN, the issue should be resolved now. Sorry about that!